Portrait Nguyen Binh

Nguyễn Bình

Position: Translator
Categories: translators

NGUYỄN BÌNH is a writer native to Hanoi, Vietnam. Born into a family of historians and anti-colonial revolutionaries, Bình grew up with a belief in literature as an art that depicts and confronts the conditions of society. Their poetry, fiction and translations all aim to connect ancient traditions and canons in order to motivate a look into what it is like to be human in the modern world.
Bình’s verse translation of Nguyễn Du’s The Tale of Kiều received the Young Writers Award for Translation from the Vietnamese Writers’ Association. Their poetry in Vietnamese and English has been featured in magazines and anthologies in Vietnam and the U.S. Currently, Bình is seeking to publish their debut novel The Drum Comes Home, a magical realism retelling of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight centered on art repatriation and belonging in the twenty-first century. They are also working on the first Vietnamese translation of Vergil’s Aeneid.