Portrait Nguyen Binh Phuong

Nguyễn Bình Phương

Position: Author
Categories: authors

NGUYỄN BÌNH PHƯƠNG, a Vietnamese writer from a military background, was born in Thái Nguyên and worked for many years at the Northern border. After graduating from the Nguyễn Du writing school, he joined the military theater troupe as a screenwriter and later the People’s Army Publishing House as a literary editor. He is currently the editor-in-chief of the Military Arts Magazine. In the 1990s, Phương’s novel The Young Die Old (Những đứa trẻ chết già) marked a major milestone for Vietnamese literature. Since then, he has continued to write in a unique style, with prominent works such as Người đi vắng, Thoạt kỳ thủy, Ngồi, and his latest novel, Mình và họ (I and They). In 2022, he received an award from The Vietnam Writers Association (Hội Nhà Văn Việt Nam) for his novel Một ví dụ xoàng.nt example).