ren n. dinh (Mai)

Position: Translator
Categories: Translators

ren n. dinh (Mai) is a non-binary writer of both academic and creative texts. They graduated from Mount Holyoke College with a Bachelor’s in English Literature, and Hanoi National University of Education with a Master’s in Literary Theory. Their Master’s thesis explores how queer Vietnamese gay poetry reimagines the body through intergenerational trauma, hegemonic discourse, and sexual intimacy. 

Their research focuses on queer theory and queer Vietnamese and Asian American literature, tapping into the intellectual excitement and critical empathy that a queer Asian diaspora can enable and liberate. They also run a personal WordPress where they share their original creative works, essays, and translations. During their scant free time and when they are not procrastinating, they enjoy watching video essays on various pop culture and subculture phenomena, reading manga, and drafting fanfiction and thinkpieces that may or may not see the light of day.


Major Books Works:

To Whore (Làm Đĩ)