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Trần Dần

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Trần Dần (1926-1997) was an influential Vietnamese poet and writer known for revolutionizing Vietnamese poetry through his innovations in both form and ideology.

Though many of his works faced censorship and banning from 1960-1990, Trần Dần persevered in his literary pursuit throughout his life. Major works include the poetry collections Chiều mưa trước cửa (1943), Hồn xanh dị kỳ (1944), Nhất định thắng (1956); the novella Người người lớp lớp (1954); and the novels Đêm núm sen (written 1961, published 2017) and Những ngã tư và những cột đèn (Crossroads and Lampposts written in 1966, published 2010).

The origins of Crossroads and Lampposts can be traced back to a project sponsored by the Hanoi Police Department in the early 1960s. The handwritten manuscript was completed in 1966 and submitted to the Police Department for review. It was returned to Trần Dần 22 years later, in 1988, but remained unpublished until 2011. Trần Dần himself passed away in 1997.

In 2007, Trần Dần was posthumously awarded the prestigious National Prize for Literature and Arts, recognizing his significant creative legacy. During his lifetime, he received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Hanoi Writers Association.


Major Books Works:

Crossroads and Lampposts (Những ngã tư và những cột đèn)